Thursday, January 27, 2005

Another two gigs in the bag, then. Niel was excellent, possibly the best yet. Lovely warm audience replete with the Chapmans and Meyers. Charlatan a little bit like an exam - full house and no applause. We're clearly too big already. We didn't manage a full rehearsal before these shows - Bert fell asleep on the couch and missed our only attempt at one, but have somehow managed to get a new song together (a one-chord Velvets-type affair) which we aired in Ghent, with some success. The other successses of the night were Disconnected (best yet), Flatzone (best yet by a mile) and Medicine Palace (also by a mile). Show started terribly slowly. We were slow to warm up and so were the audience. Rudy came over all ill towards the end and we had to cut the set short. My friend Jeroen thought we were the bravest band he's ever seen. Thanks, Jeroen. Arnt thinks I should sing more. I think I should sing less.

Oh yes, the Q-Tron is finally back in action. And what a welcome return - gives me a massive extra dynamic dimension. You have been much missed, my friend. The Octave Multiplexer, on the other hand, has joined the waiting-to-be-repaired heap, with all my amps.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Ah yes, we'll also be recording a session for VPRO sometime mid-February. Watch this space.
Been a while. Another two gigs completed and a few more bookings confirmed. Been finding it impossible to make the time to rehearse though. That much was evident at the not-terribly-good Hasselt show (Zaal Belgiƫ) on Saturday 8th. Last night's (JH Jokot in Niel) was much better, and very busy. All 3 of my amplifiers are now toast (Rudy dropped the WEM after the Studio Brussel session recordings - nice one). Happily Bert knows a good repair man in Vlissingen. Mauro's taken to recording the shows on mini-disc, in the name of research and development.

Confirmed -

March 10 - Radio Scorpio Festival, Leuven
March 25th - De Kreun, Bissegem
April 5th - Hof Ter Lo, Antwerp (as guests of The Wedding Present)

We'll also certainly be playing the Domino Festival at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels early April, although the precise date remains to be confirmed.