Sunday, February 06, 2005

So that's the last Love Substitutes live action for a while. De Bosch in Arnhem, Friday, will go down as the drunkest Love Substitutes show yet - but there was a dry, clipped "fuck-you" aggressiveness about it that I liked. Last night in the Recyclart in Brussels was a definite success - full house (about 400 people), wildly enthusiastic - lots of early eighties style pogoing and moshing and depressive yodelling between songs.

Nice one.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

De Nachten turned out to be something of a success - a surprisingly warm crowd and a short, powerful set. Unfortunately I was in the process of coming down with a heavy cold, which did spoil my enjoyment somewhat. Mauro and I both crashed out in the backstage after the show. FOH Sound Limburger became Dirty Mike and managed to get lost between de Singel and de Uitbreidingstraat, which is quite an achievement, as anyone who knows the geography of Antwerp will tell you. Happily, Bert recorded the show on Pro Tools, so watch this space (or, more likely, Heaven Hotel) for some download action.
Bert kindly took all my knackered amps (and my knackered Octave Multiplexer) up to his pal in Vlissingen for diagnosis and (hopefully) repair. Domino/AB have offered up the 13th of April with Millionaire. Think that's a goer. Can't confirm just yet though.