Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Had a reasonably useful rehearsal last night, without Bert. Or at least I think it was useful - without bass new ideas always sound kind of pathetic even if they're interesting ones. Rudy's been listening to the acoustic sessions and likes them. Mauro finally brought the collage-of-live-improvs CD (which will be released as part of a shared CD with someone or other - watch this space, or indeed the Heaven Hotel space). I like it - listened a couple of times already.

Should be much more downloadable stuff coming soon. And I finally remebered to ask Heyme to put a link to this site on the HH one. My memory's not what it used to be. It has been months I've been meaning to do that.

Lowlands have manufactured another 500 CDs. This is the big time, apparently. Huzzah!

Monday, March 28, 2005

(Slightly) disappointingly small audience turn-out at De Kreun in Bissegem, last Friday night - but an OK gig, I think, with an unusually high number of quiet moments, and lots of loopy bits. We tried a new song in the set, which had emerged, Mauroless, during the soundcheck (with Bert on drums), throwing Mauro into playing bass on it without ever having heard it - quite succesfully too, I may add. Good version of the new rhythm thing too. Meyers showed up, but sat in the bar with his new girlfriend for almost the entire set. Well worth the drive to the west, I'm sure. I thought I had lost my glasses, but they turned up the following morning, buried in the lining of a suit jacket, much to my relief. Rather drunk. Slept all the way back home to Antwerp in the Trouvematic and failed to rendezvous with Meyers in the Paters Vaetje.

By the way, Mauro didn't bring the CDs, but Bert brought some CDs of the acoustic sessions, and they sound pretty good - Rudy was quite impressed.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Tonight going down to Leuven to watch and hear Rudy and Elco perform Iron Maiden covers for the Vadermoord (Patricide) series of concerts. Should be fun. It has just occured to me how very, very close the next recording sessions are now - 12th and 13th April. Better get working. Procured for myself Danny's old banjo yesterday and today saw a very interesting old mini for sale, which I must enquire about.

At De Kreun tomorrow, hopefully, Bert and Mauro will both have CDS of recent recordings to distribute,(which should make the fothcoming recording sessions a little easier), then the VPRO session in Amsterdam on Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Tuesday 15th March recorded five (as yet solo) acoustic pieces at Bert's, onto Pro Tools. I think Bert was pretty impressed. They're all short - 1 to 2 1/2 minutes long, and all sound like they were played by a real guitarist. It's about time, some might say. Friday we have De Kreun in Bissegem to look forward to. Good.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

A worthwhile rehearsal on Monday 7th, with a number of new songs starting to take shape, followed by an OK gig in the old swimming pool in Leuven on Thursday 10th. Some reasonably good improvisations and an excellent development on the New Rhythm Thing during soundcheck, which continued during the first live airing. Mauro lent me the King Crimson DVD at last - such ludicrously profound levels of musicianship - such bad eighties suits. I find myself marvelling at the ease with which Adrian Belew sends his sonic palette just completely over the edge.
We've booked a couple of days mid-April in Patrick's studio again, towards album number two, hopefully. We also have a booking agent working for us in Holland now, so some new dates should be forthcoming. Watch this space.

I've started reading Ulysses again. It was about time.

Now working on a few acoustic pieces to be recorded at Bert's on Tuesday. Much archiving and de-mangling of obscure tunings - but quite rewarding work. Also, the dates for the Trix seminars have been set - mid-April 'til late May. Will post them in full later.