Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Only 2 Love Subs gigs booked at this moment:

Wonderfestival, Antwerp - Friday September 2nd.
Merleyn, Nijmegen - Saturday September 10th.

Hopefully there'll be more to report soon.
We could have been called "Farmers with Televisions".
A perfectly good gig last Friday (24th June) in support of, first, Vandal X then Girls Against Boys. Very hot. And not for the first time the band took the stage and began playing while I was otherwise distracted (upstairs in the dressing room exchanging my summer scandals for a pair of more effect-pedals-friendly sneakers). Batteries in my digital delay ran out in the middle of the second last song, which made for some interesting interestingnesses.

GVSB still know how to do it, although I suspect Scott has taken to dying his hair.

One of these days the acoustic songs will be basking in their completeness.