Monday, July 25, 2005

Yesterday Bert and I finished off one more of the acoustic songs. That's three down, one (or two, maybe) to go. Rudy's been busying himself trying out home manipulations on some of the more dubious tracks, and we'll all be convening at Bert's tomorrow with a view to finally laying this beast to rest. Attempts to book gigs have been less than successful, which is a pain. Much personal time and effort over the last couple of months has resulted in a pathetic three (as in 3, count them) gigs currently booked:

Wonder Bar, Antwerp - Friday 29th July
Wonderfestival, Antwerp - Friday 2nd September
Merleyn, Nijmegen - Saturday 10th September

NB. The first of those three is THIS FRIDAY. Free entry.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Many congratulations to Rudy and Sigrid. Romy Isobel Manou Trouve came into the world on the 6th July. Welcome aboard.