Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A couple of days after the the last post, Mauro was instructed/requested to come up with a vocal part for the remaining acoustic song - he deposited a hard drive at Bert's, so Bert could transfer all the necessaries for Mauro to be able to work at home, only for Bert to find the hard drive was full. So much fannying about ensued. Still awaiting results. The three completed tracks were mixed a week or so later - two of which ("November 1977", an Eno-esque instrumental, and "You Seem To Have Forgotten Who I Am", a miserable, sarcastic affair) were painless affairs, the other ("Dressed For The Sea") considerably more difficult, requiring several hours and a total rethink halfway. Friday 29th july we played the Wonder Bar, to an audience comprised entirely of musicians (or so it seemed). Not bad at all, considering we hadn't rehearsed for about six months.

Since then Love Subs activity has been quiet - a couple of gig opportunities we had to pass up because Bert wasn't available, although the rest of us took the opportunity to resurrect I Hate Camera (or should it be i-H8 Camera?) for some improvisational indulgence/research in his absence. The first of these was in support of the Sweet Hips at JH Jokot in Niel on Saturday 13th August, and was a blast (so were the Sweet Hips, although I was responsible for doing their FOH sound, at which I failed miserably, having just deafened myself with a ludicrously loud i-H8 C set - they had also made some new friends at the Wonder Bar the previous evening). The second was at Jackyland in Schoten and was less memorable (mysteriously my amp died no uncertain death mid-set, only to spring back to life a couple of days later). Thanks to Mark, Elko, Jeroen and Pascal.

Yesterday attempted to salvage a couple of dubious mixes at Rudy's gaff. Bert managed to engender some small miracles.