Monday, September 19, 2005

This'll be the last post for a while, as the Love Substitutes enter a period of sustained grazing while Mauro tackles the nightmare that is touring with Deus. Good Luck, buddy.

The penultimate show at the Wonderfestival was a bit of a stinker - my pedals breaking down immediately before the show - couldn't locate the source of the problem and played the gig pedalless - which for me is like playing with a hand tied behind my back. Spent most of the show standing behind my amp so as not to be associated with the rubbish sounds I was making.

I soon resolved never to play at (or be involved in any way with) a festival again. They are categorically the wrong environment in which to nurture worthwhile music. This I have known for a long time.

The gig at Merleyn in Nijmegen a week or so later was considerably better - the evening closing with probably the best Shanty ever, while rained mashed down torrentially outside. Very appropriate.

Been listening to Todd Rundgren lately (Something/Anything?, A Wizard A True Star and Todd) in a strangely obsessive way (by which I mean I haven't listened to anything else for about three weeks). I haven't listened to music in that way since I was a teenager. What can this mean, gentle readers?

In the absence of anything Love Substitutesish to do in the foreseeable future, and in order to facilitate the coming-to-be of a certain music that's been flying around somewhere behind my bonce lately, I've invited Jeroen Stevens and Elko Blijweert to form a new band, to begin rehearsing early October. Happily they're up for it. We don't have a bass player yet and are thinking of auditioning. We need someone with great technique and an anarchic attitude - no fusiony noodlers please. Availability is important too - must be available to rehearse at least once a week, and gig once a week too. If you'd like to give it a crack, or think you know someone who might be appropriate, please send me an email (using the above Book The Love Subs link).