Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Another show confirmed:

Friday 20th January - Stereo, Glasgow

Monday, November 28, 2005

Aldwin from Serpentine Records has made a recording of the i-H8 Camera show at CC Luchtbal available for download (see links). You'll have to register first with the website to access it, but it is free at least.
On Friday 18th November, the vinyl was mastered by Paul at Foon in Lier, where, progtastically, Yes's Going For The One and various Rick Wakeman albums were mastered. The EP is due for release mid-December. A frighteningly noisy and amusical i-H8 Camera gig managed to take place in the Wonder Bar on Friday the 25th, despite freakish blizzard conditions outside. Many thanks to all those brave/insane enough to venture out.

i-H8 Camera was, on this occasion:
Rudy - vocal
Mark - vocal
Jeroen - drums
Me - Farfisa organ and guitar synthesizer
Teuk Henri - guitar
Elko - guitar
Pascal - toys and keyboards

Monday, November 14, 2005

Rudy and I will be mastering the vinyl EP on Friday the 18th. Things should only take a couple more weeks after that. Currently busy trying to arrange gigs in January - one confirmed so far: the Watershed, London on Thursday 19th January.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

By the way, Kevin has kindly posted some downloadables of the Emerson, Lake and Gunter gig at Glamour Is Undead. There's a link on the right. The less said about the Witzli Poetzli gig the better.
A couple of things to report re: The Love Substitutes. We've decided on a track order for a vinyl EP (about 23 minutes of music) which we'll get mastered and manufactured and all that just as quick as we can. It'll hopefully be available within the next 4 weeks or so.

Track order:

Side 1:
1. The Velvet Sailor

Side 2:
1. Golden Boy Meets Himself
2. Pop Trivia
3. Sincere

A full length album wil be realesed in January, round about which time, we'll hopefully be doing a small UK tour. I'm working on it. Watch this space.

There's been no little I Hate/i-H8 Camera activity lately - last Friday (28th October) we opened for Italian jazzcore trio Zu at CC Luchtbal, in Anwerp. As is unfortunately customary in Luchtbal, nobody attended, apart from the few Usual Suspects/insane people we've come to know and cherish. The line up for Friday's show was:

Rudy Trouve - guitar and voice
Elko Blijweert - small guitar
Pascal Deweze - Toys, synthesizers and voice
Jeroen Stevens - drums
Simon Lenski - cello
Craig Ward - guitar and voice

The following evening (Saturday 29th October) I Love Sarah were supposed to be playing the Anti-Fascist Festival at CC Andries in Antwerp, but for some lame reason best known to himself, Rutger cancelled, and a spontaneous i-H8C (of sorts, why not) was assembled as a last minute replacement, and a grand old free-punk time was had by all (during which I fulfilled a lifelong rock ambition by vomiting on stage). This incarnation was:

Mark Meyers - voice
Elko - guitar
Craig - guitar
Jeroen - drums

For the rest, Watch With Motherfucker (or WWMF as we'll undoubtedly become known) have commenced rehearsing. WWMF was born on Friday 21st October, 2005 - 6 days overdue - and is Elko, Jeroen, Bert and myself. Watch this space.