Friday, February 24, 2006

A few gigs confirmed:

Donkey Diva will be playing CC Luchtbal on Friday 3rd March, at the opening of an exhibition by photographer Rob Walbers, and at the Plaza Real, Borgerhout on Sunday 12th March.

i-H8 Camera will be playing the Undercurrent night at Cafe Den Drempel in Antwerp on Friday 14th April with three other (as yet unconfirmed) bands.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Kevin has kindly made available his recording of the i-H8 Camera gig in CC Andries. That was the one with the minimalist line up of:

Mark - voice
Elko - guitar
Me - guitar
Jeroen - drums

And, if my memory serves me right, that was also the one where I threw up on stage. Listening to this rather uncompromising performance, it's not surprising.

There's a link on the right.

Monday, February 20, 2006

By the way, the new album will be called "More Songs About Hangovers and Sailors" (i.e. not "More Songs About Sailors and Hangovers", as you may have read elsewhere). It's just nicer that way, qua cadence.

It's 47 minutes long (i.e. quite short by modern standards and, irritatingly, just a little too long to fit on one side of a 90 minute tape). The track list is as follows:

1. Attus Citauqa Ortni
2. Dressed For The Sea
3. Sleep Is For Children
4. The Sad Mathrocker
5. Hate The Love Substitutes
6. Abstractions On Glass
7. Bangladesh Fashions
8. Another Bit
9. Novelty Size
10. The Tour Manager
11. Madonna Footage
12. You Seem To Have Forgotten Who I Am
13. Someone Like You
14. The Beaver Builds The Dam
15. Not Even Mutiny
16. A Modern Band Needs Its Sleep
17. November 1977
18. The Velvet Sailor (Slight Return)
19. Give The People What They Want
20. Attus Alagnam Aks
'tis done, gentle readers, 'tis done. Since Friday afternoon already. It was supposed to happen Wednesday but Rudy's back went into a state of chronic spasmosis and the final mastering session was postponed a couple of days. Which seems fairly typical considering the history of this beast.

Anyway, Uwe did a terrific job, and the results are, surprisingly, way more accessible than either of our other two releases (to my ears, at least) . Pop stardom here we come.

I'm now looking to book gigs for Pox (Mark Meyer's band, now also featuring both Rudy and myself), as well as for myself (solo) and for Donkey Diva (previously known as Emerson, Lake and Gunter, previously previously known Ward/Nagels/Frateur). Please feel free to use the Book-The-Love-Substitutes link for either of these two new, related purposes. Please do not feel free to use it for any other purpose.

On the subject of which - one slightly disappointing result of making one of one's email addresses public is the amount of mail I receive from people who think I'm some kind of one-man, free-of-charge advice shop/A&R consultancy/booking agent. For every genuine offer of a gig I get maybe five emails from strangers wanting something from me. As of now, I reserve the right to ignore/delete any such emails. Moan over.

Monday, February 13, 2006

We are nearly there. Rudy and I spent 12 hours with Uwe in Wemmel yesterday (Sunday 12th) mastering the CD and, true to the nature of this particular beast, failed to get it finished and will return to Wemmel Wednesday morning to do so. Rudy has also failed to get the artwork finished despite heroic efforts and intends to do so Wednesday night.

Anyway, we have a provisional master, which is in the computer as I write, and it's sounding pretty good to me. A few final tweaks on Wednesday and that'll be everything. The mid-March release still looks feasible.

No new live dates to confirm yet, but there should be fairly soon (i.e. within the next couple of weeks). I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Finally, after spending the last two afternoons at Bert's place, all tracks are finished and mixed and ready to go. And this despite my coming down with some Satanic bug or food poisoning or whatnot. The last 24 hours has been a shivery cold sweat of pukey piss-arsed misery.

Anyway, Rudy's going to finsh the artwork tomorrow, we'll finalise the track order Friday night and master Sunday.

You thought it would never happen, didn't you?

Friday, February 03, 2006

A very short yet productive rehearsal on Tuesday afternoon saw Death Folk Sailor come out of retirement and back into the live set. And it worked a treat at the AB on Wednesday night. Possibly the most professional Love Subs gig ever - not a lot of improvisation, just the songs, powerfully delivered (I think). It was interesting to see how reactions change within a year. The last time we played the AB club it felt like the audience were scratching their heads, thinking "What the fuck is this nonsense?". This time it felt like they were on our side and even knew (some of) the songs. Pretty much a full house too. And there was I, in a free jazz mood...

Perhaps we're becoming "popular" or "succesful" or something. "Quick, someone play something angular and atonal now! They think it's pop music...."

Nozzle Slag were excellent and reminded me sometimes of Soft Machine. Which was nice.