Monday, April 17, 2006

A week of frantic gig-going last week, some of which was great (Midaircondo) and some less so (The Reverend Horton Heat - What planet are these people on?). Our own (I Hate Camera) show at Den Drempel has to go down as the worst ever. Unbearable volume that made actually creating any music impossible. There's more to improvisation than making a racket you know. Not much more, just more.

Also, two afternoons last week were spent doing interviews, allegedly to "promote" our new album. Whatever that means. It's been a long time. And a surprisingly painless experience.

Feedback from the My Space sites has been encouraging. Should have done that ages ago. Oh, and another thing - Watch With Motherfucker have begun recording an album. Don't hold your breaths.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

So, another few gigs down. And all quite successful. The Donkey Diva show at the Plaza Real was posssibly the best yet. And the two latest i-H8 Camera shows were jolly fun too. The Molens in Leuven was about as well organised as you're ever likely to here us. And the Scheldapen show was not at all bad either. A good turn-out - which was surprising, as we had expected no-one, there being about 4 other interesting gigs in Antwerp on the same night. And I managed to survuive it despite being in the most excruciating pain. Thought I had broken a rib or something, but it's better now, so Christ knows what that was.

Oh, by the way, Teuk and Tip Toe Topic were great. Chantal was supposed to do a song with Teuk but got stuck in a train in Roosendaal and disappeared. Shame.

I'vce made pages at My Space for the Love Substitutes, Pox and i-H8 Camera. The latter two really exist so that I don't have to send out demos. The Love Substitutes one exists to let all you anal completist types hear some outtakes. The links are to the right, as usual.

And another thing - some people are reporting finding copies of "More Songs..." in Belgian record stores already. How very queer...