Friday, June 30, 2006

Oh, and another thing - to every reviewer who has found "More Songs..." too experimental. Stop being so lame-assed. It isn't anywhere near experimental enough. Pop music must be stopped.
Lots of different sorts of gigs been going on lately - the Pox show at the Pekfabriek was underwhelming - not terrible or anything - just a difficult room, acoustically speaking, with a whopping delay coming back from the opposite wall, which made it difficult to play with any kind of rhythmic togetherness. Also, it was about as well attended as a Partick Thistle match.

What else? The Love Subs gig at Petrol was rubbish, frankly. More terrible acoustics, and some pretty shoddy playing too. Must shake off the rust. Actually, I think we did shake off the rust at the ensuing shows in Utrecht and Amsterdam, even if the turn-out for the latter was disappointing.

As is customary, the album release has been accompanied by the usual flurry of reviews and, as usual, the bad ones have offerred me the most pleasure. Having had the honour of being the first band ever to get a bad review in the RifRaf, we have gone one step further by becoming the first band actively hated by the RifRaf, in a kind of vendetta way. Fantastic. I consider this a real achievement. And for the record - that guitar riff in "You Seem..." is mine. Ephi did the little classical guitar licky overdubby thing. Not that I care to take credit or anything... Also, as well as reviews, I took the liberty of ending my no-interviews-policy, feeling that sufficient time had passed since my DEUs exit to avoid the curse of interviewers-who-only-want-to-talk-about-DeUs. For the most part this went well, but then came Gazet Van Antwerpen, which managed to take an article which was ostensibly about The Love Substitutes and turn it into an article about DEuS. Jesus wept. Is there nothing else to talk about in this silly little country? It makes me ill.

For the rest, the solo shows have gone surprisingly well, and are presenting opportunities to escape rock. I really thought nobody would care for thirty minute sets of uninterrupted bleeping and droning but have been life-affirmingly surprised by peoples' willingness to actually shut up and listen. Thank you. Said opportunities will be explored further over the next couple of years, and quite possibly beyond.

And thank you Chantal too, for inviting me to do these shows. Chantal has been a star.

Last Monday night in Den Bosch, Teuk Henri joined in too. Which was grand. He really is a lovely guitarist. We improvised together a little bit. And music happened. Which was also grand. And which made the show worthwhile - a show that we had been feeling seriously dubious about before it commenced (the audience just didn't seem like the bleeps and drones types - but then they never do).

And the Donkey Diva gig in the Kinky Star was probably our best yet. And a very warm and enthusiastic audience too.

Next up: Pox in Kapellen on Sunday afternoon (Vijver Podium, 15:40). See you there, perhaps.