Sunday, October 15, 2006

Things rarely happen with The Love Substitutes since my Berlin move, but we did at least manage a few gigs the week before last. The Heaven Hotel Night at the Brakkegrond in Amsterdam was going along just swimmingly with fine sets by the Trouve Sextet (except there were only four of them), and Tip Toe Topic were joyous too. Unfortunately the Love Substitutes were as dismal as we've ever been (after a fine start), which is perhapsa to be expected after such a long lay off. Happily the shows in Brussels and Breda were considerably better and more like it and life-affirming or something.

There was some discussion of gigs in Belgium, Holland and (for a change)Germany for next spring, as well as a possible recording session in Berlin at the same time (April looks best). Will have more to report in a couple of weeks - returning to Belgium to produce the Pox record during the first two weeks of November and we'll doubtless knock Love Substitutes plans int at least slightly more concrete shape while we're at it.