Monday, December 11, 2006

An update, by the way, for those of you wondering if there might be any new music forthcoming as a result of my recent Berlin relocation. Well, I have been playing saxophone recently with a couple of noisy young men called Das Huhn (see link to My Space site opposite) as well as creating loopy industrial stuff with my industrial buddy Storfan Sender (will try to put something online as soon as possible) and have been playing tasteful folk music with my old friend Mark Mulholland (see link).

Also, an official Love Substitutes website will be arriving soon. Just as soon as I can get my finger out of my arse and buy some server space.
It' time to start organising some new Love Substitutes activity. We're planning some shows in February, so if you'd like to book us, or have any suggestions, you know what to do. The Bookings link is now up to date. I realise I forgot to update it when I changed email address a few months ago. My apologies to anyone who's been trying to get in touch.

I also lost several contacts in a major computer malfunction, so if anyone could remind me of details of venues that were interested but where we have yet to play I'd be most grateful. There were venues in Lille and Tourcoing that I'd be particularly keen to resume contact with.